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Josephine STIPPLER #2 brush from Germany – Small size. Stippler brushes are short in length; thick with hair cut on a sharp slant. Josephine only uses the very best for natural hair brushes: KAZAN Russian Squirrel Hair – known for it’s natural ability to hold paint, oil and retains its cut shape by bouncing back into its shape after every stroke.

STIPPLER BRUSHES are a specialty Artist Brush which can be used in many ways: special effects such as pine tree branch shapes, grasses and any long distance “shapes” where a soft “shape” – NOT detail – is required. It is also a wonderful brush for softening paint edges and build-up of paint lines, etc.

If there is a Factory imperfection on NEW Brushes, return it immediately for the same brush replacement. Otherwise, brushes are not returnable.

Size: Stippler #2: 1/8″ Wide at tip x 3/8″ Long