Roman Burnish Gold Jars 38.5% 4 gr



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ROMAN BURNISH GOLD PASTE. They are making it in Fluxed Gold only – unfluxed is NOT available.

Roman Burnish Gold Paste is the 38.5% thick gold paste which applies so easily for finger rims or all brush work, line work, banding and pen work. Thinning should be with the Gold Facilitator, OR3. NEVER add any substance to the original 2grs jar. Always use a clean palette knife and remove a small amount of gold paste onto a clean tile; add one drop of the Elarco facilitator at a time until it is the consistency you need – such as with Pen Work. Do NOT thin too much or it will fire with a purple tinge. The consistency for brush work should be a dark rich brown, which flows evenly from your Gold Brush. Also, always use a separate Gold Brush just for this wonderful gold paste. The Josephine Gold Brush Set, JGOS is the perfect gold brush set.

When the Roman Burnish Gold is fired, it will come out of the kiln very dull. Use our SF3 Burnishing Tool, Fiberglass, or SR1 Burnish Sand to polish large areas; SF1 Burnish Pen for small areas such a scrolls.

Similar to Reusche’s Roman Burnish Gold.

NO returns on gold.