Silky Matt self burnishing gold 2 gr


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Silky Matt Gold from Germany, 25% gold content, 20 karat gold – in 2 gram and 8 gram bottles (2 gram is in picture). So unique – it is self burnishing – it burnishes itself in the firing. A true Liquid Burnish Gold – just easier to use!!

We love this Gold – it is so easy to get that rich, satin burnish gold onto porcelain and china with no fuss!

The good German Gold must be stirred each time with a glass rod before using (shaking is not enough). Use a separate brush for each gold. We recommend the JGOS JOSEPHINE Gold Brush Set of 5 with their own air-tight casing. Leave the gold in the brush and insert into the casing to keep it dust-free and moist (some climates may require a drop of pure lavender oil in the casing to keep it moist).

Only dip in the very tip of the brush – you do not need a lot of gold – just enough to flow off the end of the brush. Use long, even strokes – overlap to not miss an area and allow the gold to fill in. Do NOT go back over the gold. Let dry before firing. Fire to Cone .018, 752C, 1386 F. Fire slowly and allow proper ventilation until the kiln reaches its highest temperature. Cool slowly. NO BURNISHING NEEDED! If applied properly, one coat is all you need.

To thin for Pen Work, use OR3 Gold Facilitator. Thin on a clean tile. NEVER add thinner to the Gold Bottle.

No returns on Golds.

Note: 1 gr = 1 ml