Texture Paste – Base for Gold J


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JOSEPHINE TEXTURE Paste – BASE FOR GOLD: our White Relief powder which will make a high, raised white, colored with porcelain paint, or covered with any Gold = special effects.

Instructions: **clean surface thoroughly with alcohol; let dry. **mix Texture Paste with Pollyanna Medium to required thickness. It can be mixed thick – thin for different effects. **if a Pen Mixture or very thin coating is required, add Rectified Turpentine Oil – 1 drop at a time – until it will work with your Pen Nib or Brush. **Heavy Texture to work with glass pieces: mix to a very thick toothpaste consistency – workable but you can build it up with your palette knife. Use a Stippler Brush to “pull” Texture Paste into desired height and textured effects. **let dry at room temperature overnight **Fire to Cone .018 (752C, 1386F) **ALWAYS FIRE before applying Gold. Then refire.