Acrylic Design Tape for Glass and Porcelain Designs


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Acrylic Design Tape: 1 roll, approx. 2′.

Our stretchy Acrylic Design Tape is ideal to help you create those straight lines that you need for gold work, color banding – such as on wine glasses or vases, and you can use the center part of the 2 part tape to paint or ground a perfectly straight narrow band of color, gold or luster.

Directions for Use: Cut ends at an angle so it is easier to grab the white backing from the tape. Cut to length, but you can shorten that by 1-2″ as the tape is very stretchy!! Pull approximately 1″ of white backing away from the sticky part of the colored tape. Set the sticky part of the tape on the surface and hold with your thumb. Then pull the rest of the white backing off and stretch the tape BEFORE you set it down. Once in place, use your fingernail to eliminate any air bubbles or raised section of the tape. It should be tight and even to the surface. If you need to use the middle 1/8″ stripe of the tape, carefully remove the clear acrylic covering from the tape, making sure you are careful to not remove the colored stripes.

Remove before firing. Use a needle or other sharp tool to carefully lift one end and gently pull off the surface. Overall size: 3/8″. Use 2 pieces of Acrylic Design Tape for larger bands, etc. – measure and set the tape carefully for a more professional appearance.