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JOSEPHINE QUILL Square Shader Brush #9 from Germany – the VERY best in quill square shaders for the Porcelain Artist.

QUILL Square Shader Brushes are unique to the china painting art, as they are hand-made in Germany with the best Kazan Sable Hair (Russian Squirrel Hair)available. Quills are unique in that they flair out at the ends, instead of being a straight square shader, such as our JOSEPHINE Square Shaders with the Metal Ferrules. Quill brushes are always much more flexible; usually slightly longer; and when conditioned properly with oil, will give you a beautiful, square cornered stroke which is perfect for our “C” and “S” strokes. As they name states, the hairs are hand wired into a natural quill – such as a goose quill.

Quill Square Shader Brushes are very sensitive on the direction of “flattening”. The brush will show you the direction to flatten. Before taking the Quill Brush out of the packet, notice the placement of the twisted wire and the way the brush is flattened in the package. Should you flatten the opposite way, the brush will NOT LIE FLAT, but will “pucker” and not paint smooth. To train it to flatten correctly, always wash new brushes in a mild dish detergent to get the Factory sizing or protective stiffener removed; rinse thoroughly until all soap is gone; flatten while wet in the proper direction. Let dry. Then condition with your oil until the oil is all the way up into the quill ferrule; blot excess oil out of the end of the brush and shape and flatten at the same time. Your NEW QUILL BRUSH is ready to paint!! Keep flattening and shaping before each change of color to “train” your quill to the shape you prefer.

QUILL Brushes are wonderful tools for our type of painting. Give them a try – we know you will LOVE them! If there is a Factory imperfection in a new brush, please return it immediately for a replacement of the same brush. Otherwise, brushes are not returnable.

SIZE: #9 Quill: 11/16″ Wide x 9/16″ Long

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