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Square Shader (Tinting) #8


Synthetic Flat Square Shader #12 DD

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Square Shader with Jelly Wipe Out


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Josephine flat square shader brush made of the finest Kazan Sable Hair (Russian Squirrel) and handmade in Germany for the art community. This Josephine Square Shader #6 is a perfect size to learn with and will soon become your favorite brush. NOW it comes with the Jelly Wipe Out point on the end of the handle to make painting and wipe outs all in one step – all with the same brush.

These fine quality brushes are designed and manufactured to hold a good load of paint; to let paint flow off the end in a smooth and even manner; and to BLEND colors and strokes into the softest of color hues.

THE BEST in quality. We guarantee our brushes. If these is a factory imperfection on new brushes, return it immediately for a full replacement of the same brush.

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