My name is Dolores Basavilbaso.

It’s been over 27 years since I started painting on porcelain and I could never stop!

It’s almost 20 years now since I began teaching what I am most passionate about: Porcelain Painting. I teach porcelain painting in Argentina, where my studio is. I also give online seminars in English and Spanish.

I studied different painting techniques (acrylics, oils, watercolor) and drawing. I have never stopped studying, always trying to be up to date with new materials and modern techniques.

I truly enjoy teaching and painting. Each day brings a new challenge and experience! You can check out how I paint in my YouTube channel by clicking here.

I sell everything you need for porcelain and glass painting in Argentina and I’m also the owner of “DBA Originals – The Good Stuff” in the US. Our warehouse is located in Miami and we ship worldwide.

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