Beginners Glass Paint Set of 12


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JOSEPHINE Beginners GLASS Set of 12 rich, Glass Colors: perfect for those wanting to get started in the fine art of glass painting, and for those who want to update their glass paint selection.

The JOSEPHINE GLASS Paints are for all glass items; more opaque than most glass paints so there is easier coverage and less firing, less painting; and these rich colors are pure, intense German Glass Paints.

The Set of 12 contains: Black, Blood Red, Chartreuse, Dark Green, Lt Pink, Rose, Royal Blue, Satin White, Violet of Iron, Yellow, Yellow Brown, Yellow Red. Each is packaged in our large, 2 dram vial with screw on lid for easy opening and no spilling.

We recommend that you use the OJ1 Josephine Seminar Medium for mixing and painting.