BURNISH Satin GOLD 45% 5gr


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SATIN GOLD – Roman Burnish Gold in 45%. A beautiful, rich ONE COAT Liquid Burnish Gold in 5 gram quantities. The Satin Lenox Gold has the best coverage of all the golds. It covers white porcelain smoothly and evenly in one coat. We offer this 45% Gold.

This Liquid Burnish Gold must be stirred each time with a Glass Rod to evenly distribute the thinner. Fire Cones .017 – .018: 784 – 752C, 1443 – 1386F.

Use a separate brush with each type of gold. We recommend the JGOS JOSEPHINE Gold Brush Set of 5 which have their own case. Never clean the gold from your brush; store it in this air-tight case (some climates may need one drop of the OC1 Gold Facilitator, Ortho in the case to keep the gold moist).

Our highest GOLD CONTENT Gold; has a beautiful satin patina. Must be burnished when it comes out of the kiln. Use a Fiberglass Burnisher, the Burnish Pen or Burnish Sand. For thinning, use OC1 Gold Facilitator, Ortho which is made by the same GOLD Factory.

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