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Josephine Grounding Set of 8


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The set includes: Blue Black, Cool Green, Dull Red, Green 202, Old Gold, Old Rose, Outlining Black and Sultan Green. These colors can be both painted and grounded onto overglaze surfaces at a temperature recommended of 870 C, 1596 F. See Glass Colors: all can be grounded on glass that takes a firing of 630 C, 1165 F.

I have tested each of these colors for their ability to be grounded on overglaze surfaces and come out of the firing with a pure, solid color – no color variances, spots, etc. Please follow the Dry Grounding Instructions below to achieve your solid color application in 1 fire:

1. Clean your piece with alcohol to remove all dirt and even fingerprints.
2. Mark off your area to be grounded with either the Acrylic Design Tape or Red Resist. If you use Resist, let it dry completely before grounding.
3. Apply the Josephine Grounding Oil with a natural, flat, square shader brush in long, even over-lapping strokes
4. Let Grounding Oil dry until tacky. This takes a few times to know your own area for humidity, heat, etc. Keep in clean area so dust, pet hair, etc. cannot attach to the oil.
5. Prepare while the oil is drying: put 1 vial of dry powder paint out on a sheet of wax paper, etc. Get 1 Mop Brush #6; completely dry with no oil in the brush. Get the JOSEPHINE Sponge Brush and 2 layers of clean silk tightly and smoothly layered over the sponge.
6. Test the grounding oil with the 2 layers of silk over the Sponge Brush. Apply the Sponge Brush flat and lift. If the oil makes a popping sound, it is ready for the paint. If it bubbles and makes no sound, leave another minute and test a new spot. If it doesn’t grab the silk at all, it is too dry. Remove the oil with clean cotton cloth just barely damp with alcohol and redo. If it pops, then go over the entire oiled area once with the silk to even out the oil.
7. With the Mop Brush pick up as much of the dry paint as it will hold. TAP gently the dry paint completely over the entire oiled area until covered. Pick up more dry paint with the Mop Brush and GENTLY and in a CIRCULAR MOTION, apply the paint from the brush to the paint on the oil. You are rubbing the paints together. Keep picking up more paint. Repeat this process until the paint appears to be a beautiful dry velvet with no wet spots, unevenness, etc.
8. Gently tap off excess paint; Remove the acrylic tape or resist. Clean any powdered paint from unwanted area. FIRE HOT CONE .014 (recommended temp).

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