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Josephine Square Shader (Tinting) Set of 10


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JOSEPHINE Square Shader Brushes – also known as TINTING Brushes in Europe – complete SET of 10 brushes.

The JOSEPHINE Brushes are made totally for the Artist in mind. They are of the finest KAZAN Squirrel Hair – which means they keep their shape; they have a good bounce to the hair to return to its proper shape; they have sharp, straight edges and corners so you can use the entire brushes or just the corner if you prefer; they condition and oil up to be flat, don’t separate, and the oil and paint flow smoothly for ONE STROKE painting.

They also will blend your painting out to the very softest of color, with no brush streaks or lines. They are the VERY BEST for the Porcelain Artist and all Artists who use natural hair brushes.

Hand-made in Germany with the finest materials. The JTSET includes Sizes # 0, 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 18, 22.

BRUSH CARE: being natural hair brushes, GENTLE CARE IS REQUIRED. Do not clean in harsh solvents; we recommend you use Josephine Seminar Medium to condition the brushes; Rectified Turpentine Oil or Pure Clove Oil to clean them. For stronger colors, you can also use the OHR1-3 Better Way Brush Cleaners which has no odor and is not harmful to your brushes. Just be sure to blot all cleaner from your brush before reconditioning in your oil. For all NEW natural hair brushes, wash carefully in mild detergent to rid them of the sizing from the Factory; rinse thoroughly; shape flat (NEVER bend the brushes hard against the metal ferrule as this will cut them) and allow to dry before conditioning in oil.

If there is a FACTORY imperfection on new brushes, return it immediately to us for a same brush replacement at no cost. Otherwise, brushes are NOT returnable. Please take care of them – and they will return the favor many fold!

JOSEPHINE BRUSH SETS: are already discounted 15%, no additional discounts on sets

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