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Orton Cones, JR. Small Pyrometric Cones – we carry only the Jr Cones in the pyramid shape – not the bar cones.

New design by ORTON CONES: in an effort to minimize breakage, Orton will now be packaging their pyramid cones as 25 pairs of conjoined cones. To use:

Hold the base of 1 set of cones with 1 hand; gently twist the top area of the 2 cones to break them apart with the other hand.

We will be shipping this new design once the current stock runs out. We would appreciate hearing any comments you might have.

The pyramid cones are more flexible: you can put your cone setter in the very middle for a true cone fire; push the setter to the thinner part of the cone for a slightly cooler fire; push the setter to the thicker part of the cone for a slightly hotter fire. Sometimes a color or a glaze just needs that special touch of firing!

Each box of Cones contains 50 cones. ORTON Cones are the most trusted Pyrometric Cones for glass and porcelain painters. Accepted Standard since 1896.

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