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JOSEPHINE Quill Square Shader Brush #0 – made in Germany with German master workmanship.

The finest square shader you can find! Made specially in Germany for the Porcelain Artist, the Kazan Russian Black Squirrel hair brush is placed securely in the quill ferrule with brass wire wrap.

This gives the QUILL Square Shader that extra flexibility, yet firm memory, for the art of china painting. Quill Square Shaders must be trained to flatten in the right direction. For new brushes, before you clean them, see which direction the brush wants to flatten. Do NOT force it to flatten the opposite way, as that will make the brush “pucker”.

For all new JOSEPHINE brushes, wash gently by hand with mild soap and water to get the factory “sizing” or protective coating out of the hair. Rinse thoroughly. Flatten in the correct direction. Let dry. Then the brush is ready for conditioning in your painting medium or oil.

All brushes are accepted after 15 days from the shipping date. If there is a factory problem with the brush; call us to return it for replacement of the same brush.

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