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Josephine Essence for Gold and Lusters



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Essence: thinner for liquid bright golds, Silver Platinum Bright and all Lusters – both Glass & Porcelain thinner.

Essence is a thinner for all lusters, luster liquid bright golds and silver. Do not use it with Roman or Burnish Gold, as it may make the burnish gold too shiny. Do NOT dip brush with gold into bottle, as that can contaminate the entire bottle.

Liquid Bright Golds and Lusters all have a shelf life. If you keep the lid on tight and in a cooler location, such as the refrigerator, they will last longer. If the gold or luster gets thick, or you want to thin it to use in a pen, take a little amount out on a clean tile; add one drop of Essence at a time; thoroughly stir the Essence into the gold or luster. Do NOT thin too much or the gold can fire a purple cast and not cover well; luster can change or alter color.

Do not return thinned product back into the original bottle. Keep it covered to prevent dust and use all of the amount from the tile. If it dries, add another drop of Essence. Keep your original bottle pure.

As all chemicals, keep away from children and keep the area well ventilated while using and while firing.

SIZE: 1/2 OZ glass bottle with non-drip cap insert.

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