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Etch All – etching creme for glass and porcelain – 2 fl. oz plastic bottle.

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Instructions: shake well; use a separate brush just for the etching creme as it is a light acid, even though it has no odor! Get a full load on your brush and “paint” your design – a small area at a time. You will time this now, as you don’t want to leave it too long or it will start spreading out of the brush stoke. You can also “streak” the etching by doing a lighter load of the creme and having the stroke with highlights in it. For a complete, solid etching, fill your stroke with the Etching Creme – dabbing it on will thicken it up. Leave it 5-6 minutes – clear glass; 7 – 9 minutes colored glass; 10 – 15 minutes on porcelain. Wash off thoroughly in cool tap water. That’s it! Once it is etched, it is permanent.

You can redo the etching if it was not etched enough. You can etch the mirrors in your house or your windows. You do not have to fire the etching. But now you can add paint, enamel, lusters, gold, etc. and fire as many times as you would like.

If your glass does not Etch, it probably has some plastic in it and Etching Creme will NOT etch plastic. Etch All when new will start off white, but with air and over time, it will become a brown color. That is normal and it will work just fine. Keep the lid on tight to prevent drying out. Shake each time.

2 oz bottle

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