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Josephine Cut Liners – Banding Brush Set of 3: from Germany

Our Cut Liner Set of 3 is packaged so you can have ALL of the Cut Liner brushes you will ever need. We have these fine quality, KAZAN Russian Squirrel Hair (Sable) brushes specially made for the Artist who demands the very best in brushes: the best hair, good bounce with lots of memory; sharp slanted cut; and a beautiful fine point on all 3 sizes.

Cut Liner Brushes or Banding Brushes, as these sharp slanted cuts are perfect for banding your piece with gold or paint.

If there is a Factory imperfection on NEW brushes, return it immediately for the same brush replacement. Otherwise, brushes are not returnable.

SET includes: #1 Small; #4 Medium; and #6 Large

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